binfetchA Neofetch inspired binary analyzer.Xea11 months
futilsLinux (no option) coreutils written in asm for several archesXea
ibranchingA transpiler to simplify non line-based languages.Xea
signal-ios-db-extractorA tool for dumping Signal history from the iOS database.Xea
pstrackerA pw-journal inspired drug tracker.
reverse_ff_fan_controlSource code reconstruction of a fan control tool for firefly sbc boards.Xea
xea-malware-funPlayground for my malware.Xea
botieMy x86 "Bootloader" and "OS" playgroundXea
expgenPosix shell based system builder using abstract universal functions.Xea
gtHorrible ansi based tying test to learn a bit of go.Xea
ntypeA monkeytype inspired curses typing test for the terminal.Xea
pviposix shell viXea
shccA very bad attempt at transpiling shell scripts to CXea
spidyMight become a web crawler....Xea11 months
unitxtvga driver practice for linux and netbsd.Xea
yt-rmusA script for very quickly ripping music using yt-dlp.Xea
xea-scad-armsMy attempts at making full programatic cad models of arm designs I made in my yo...Xea
xea-ebuildsMy ebuild repo.Xea
xea-pkgbuildsMy AUR packages.Xea
xea-x60-embedded-setupSome configs from an old embedded grade lfs setup for a coreboot x60Xea
aocMy solutions to Advent of Code.Xea
ctfsMy solutions to CTF challangesXea
euler_haskellMy solutions to the euler project in haskell.Xea
xea-redcodeSome funny warriors in redcodeXea
xea-kbmapsAll kinds of mappings I use for my obscure kbs.Xea
xea-passwordsAll my passwords...Xea
xea-toolsSome stowed configs with a dialog based installer.Xea